Friday, December 27, 2013

Here are some test shots I took for a project I may be doing in the next couple months.

I've had this toy forever and ever. I still remember the night I got him. I was visiting Korea with my mother when I was five(?). It belonged to my cousin but my aunt gave it to me because I was having so much fun playing with it when we came to visit. I remember everyone looking all over for the missiles and the missing arm but they were not to be found. I took it anyway.

It's been with me ever since, but for some reason it wasn't until one night recently that I became curious enough to go hunting for it online, just to see what it was called. It is a Chogokin Getter Poseidon, from the anime series Getter Robo G. My particular model is apparently from the later, cheaper line as the legs do not fold down (believe me, I've tried...for years).

I'm basically going to be buried with this thing.

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