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"Crystal Lite or Minute Maid?"

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Museum of the American Gangster, East Village.

John Dillinger death masks.

Some of the (expired) $2M in gold currency and other items found in two safes in the basement.

Into the basement...

Looking into the steel-reinforced bunker directly under the speakeasy bar...

...where this wire was once rigged to dynamite to blow up the bar above if ever there was a raid. The owners are almost certain that it no longer works. Also, there's no record that the dynamite was ever found.

The bar's original icebox. There's a bunch of cool old labels stuck on the back wall. I wonder what else they kept in here?

Couple of paw prints of the bar's original "basement cat".

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One of these windows was my very first NYC apartment. Don't ask me which one.

Roosevelt Island.