Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kelda and Phillip are moving to Tacoma, Washington at the end of the month, so they're throwing something of a farewell bash for "the gang".

They live in Jersey City, where I've only been once before. I'm a little nervous - about getting lost, and because the directions Kelda sends out makes mention of a statue of "a guy getting stabbed in the back."

This is the first thing we see when we step off the PATH:

Right? See, there's "stabbed in the back", then there's "huge-assed bayonet through the back and out the front of your chest."

Amazingly, just on the other side of the statue, we find Jersey City Gay Pride Day:

If you ask me, nothing says gay pride like a huge-assed bayonet in the back.

The beautiful Kelda:

The handsome Phillip:

And the rest of us:

I wind up staying out in Jersey City much, much longer than planned, and don't get back into the city until about 12:30. I run home, throw some water on the face, and am right back out the door: Kristin is in town for her birthday, and I had promised to meet up with those guys for a drink. They've been bar-hopping all night, and I finally catch up with them at Deacon Brodie's on 46th.

The lovely Kristin:

And the rest of us:

This being Jimmy, of course, we eventually wind up at Don't Tell Mama's, across the street.

Kids these days, and their text messages.

That must be one important text.

We wind up closing the place down, then it's back to Deacon Brodie's. No more pictures, only this:

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chris K. emails me early in the week to tell me that he's having a birthday this weekend. I haven't seen some of those guys in months. Yay, roofdeck.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Duncan Sheik at the Spiegeltent at South Street Seaport on Thursday, August 17 2006.

Ken has an extra ticket. Ken's cool. Everyone say "hi" to Ken.

The Spiegeltent is a sort of vaguely circusy, cabarety-looking portable concert hall. From Europe.

The Spiegeltent comes with an outdoor beergarden. It's a beautiful, clear night, lots of lights, great view of the bridges and water.

Inside the Spiegeltent. Lots of wood, glass, and mirrors. If not for the canvas ceiling, you'd never know you were in a circus tent. Much nicer than I expected.

Opening the show is Vienna Teng, who I've never heard of before, but who has a bunch of CDs out and is very, very cool. Consider me a new fan. Unfortunately cannot get any good pictures from our first seats. Our second vantage point is much better for pictures-taking.

Milo's a sexy beast, no?

David Poe jumps onstage for "White Limousine":

That David Poe's an energetic fellow:

The show, needless to say, kicks ass. Tons of energy, even on the "mellower" songs like "Star Fields" and "Such Reveries". Sometimes you forget what a great guitarist Duncan is, on top of everything else. Gerry, Milo, and Doug are in top form. I don't get to bed until past 2. There is nothing more to say.

1. Nothing Fades
2. Good Morning
3. For You
4. She Runs Away
5. Magazines
6. White Limousine (w/ David Poe)
7. Such Reveries
8. Start Again
9. Wishful Thinking
10. Genius
11. Star Field on Red Lines
12. The Dawn's Request
13. Hey Casanova


14. Home
15. Fake Plastic Trees