Friday, February 27, 2009

Five Points.

The dog wall at Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

Zach Hurd at the National Underground, LES.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

On a West Village cupcake crawl (well, two stops, in any case), with Izzy, Shannon, Catherine and Kate.

Because it's...umm...Rue McLanahan's birthday. And Kelsey Grammer's. And Alan Rickman's (whom the kids apparently thoroughly embarrass themselves in front of minutes before my arrival). And Sean's. And Roy's. Anyone else? Who am I leaving out?

First stop: Batch on W.10th. We try the white and black (great frosting), carrot salted caramel (lovely), velvet (good frosting, but just-ok cake), bacon caramel pumpkin (great cake, frosting a bit too sweet with not enough bacon), and green tea iced chocolate cake with apricot (lovely).

Winners: the carrot salted caramel and the green tea and chocolate.

Next stop: Sweet Revenge on Carmine St. We try the signature Sweet Revenge (peanut butter cake, peanut butter buttercream frosting, ganache filling - so very good), the Crimson & Cream (red velvet with raspberry filling - so very good), the Dulce De Leche (a big hit at the table but not my favorite, though much improved with the suggested pairing with Stella Artois), and the Spice Islands Carrot (winner of the "ugly duckling" prize - while not presented as stunningly as its neighbors, it's a very good cake with a strong ginger-flavored frosting that's very, very nice).

We also try the Very Strawberry (Mexican vanilla cake with baked-in fresh strawberries and strawberry cream cheese frosting - very nice), which is unfortunately attacked by the table before a proper photograph can be taken.

Winners: the Sweet Revenge and the Crimson & Cream.

So happy birthday, um, Rue McLanahan.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company presents Soul Samurai, at HERE Arts Center, Soho.

Wednesday's performance was followed by a short panel discussion and Q&A (moderated by good friend Jimmy), both insightful and entertaining.

L to R: Jimmy Aquino (moderator), Bonnie Sherman, Maureen Sebastian, Robert Ross Parker, Qui Nguyen, Sheldon Best, Jon Hoche, Paco Tolson.

Director Robert Ross Parker and Playwright/Fight Director Qui Nguyen.

Robert demonstrates the scary dog puppet that was ultimately, unfortunately cut from the show.

The show runs through March 15, and due to great word-of-mouth and some positively glowing reviews such as this one, tickets are selling out, and fast. Honestly, if you've ever seen a movie or read a comic book in your life, you will enjoy this show. Catch it while you can.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Men on horses in Central Park.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

New York Comic Con 2009, day two.

First stop is the stage to watch the Vampire Cowboys fight demo.

Their new show Soul Samurai begins February 14!

Kristen, cosplaying Jimmy - HA!

Peter Rios.

"I ain't got time to bleed."

Other than the usual Star Wars and Naruto guys, I think the most popular costume this year was Watchmen's Rorschach.

I saw this guy from behind and thought, Oh look, another Rorschach. Then I passed him and saw that he was, in fact, Golden Age Sandman! Awesome.

Caught a couple cool panels, including the one introducing The New Press' upcoming Secret Identities : The Asian American Superhero Anthology, featuring Greg Pak, who rules.

Run upstairs for the first Comic News Insider raffle...

...where I win a Pushing Daisies t-shirt and signed comic. I love the shirt, but it's way too big for me, so I trade it with Hoche for a signed Chris Eliopoulos sketch.

Fred Chao.



Chris and I hit the floor to look at toys...

...and run into Tony G.

I run (lots of running this year) downstairs to see Kathleen already in line for the Torchwood panel, featuring the luminous, adorable, slightly cheeky, utterly charming Eve Myles.

And back upstairs to look at t-shirts, pick up some random gachapons for friends, then back to the CNI table for one last (for me) raffle. Run into Chris and Jeff (apparently cosplaying a guy who just got a haircut), and win a Tony Lee-signed Doctor Who: The Forgotten #1 and script. Nice!

I (regrettably) skip the Venture Bros. panel to run home to drop off my stuff, take a short nap (doesn't happen), and change before heading off to the dinner at Heartland Brewery Chophouse on W.43rd.

Spano and Denise.






Ryan and Charlie.

Jimmy and Conn. If this iPhone could talk.... :p

Tiki Tim, who has the softest sweater ever.

And finally, to drinks at O'Flaherty's on W.46th.


Mitch, who we don't see nearly enough of these days.

Lenny and David D.


Day three is looking less and less likely for me, so if I missed saying hello (or goodbye) to you, fear not -- our paths shall cross again soon. And hopefully before the next NYCC in October (!) of 2010.